253 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110

Baumar specializes in fine custom finishes for furniture, cabinets, and interiors. We are located in San Francisco, and have been beautifying surfaces throughout the greater Bay Area since 1985. 


Doggie Diner Sphinx | Excerpt of Article from: SF Weekly | October 14th, 2015 | Curiel, Jonathan

"Doggie Diner Sphinx, which went up over the summer, is reason enough to visit this block of Capp Street. But a few feet away is another eye-poppingly good work by Bauer: A large mural called Capp Street Honeycomb, with cells and bees by Bauer and added work by other artists — including koi fish by Jeremy Novy — whom Bauer invited to collaborate."

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"When it came to paint the 40-foot-long curving steel-and-glass window wall designed by Chris and fabricated by Sand Studios, the Deams turned to Steve Bauer of Baumar, who specializes in custom paint finishes, to get the job done. Metallic automotive paint stands up well to the elements—from blaring sunlight to heavy rain—and comes in an almost infinite array of colors." 

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"Cool concepts: Ideas to inspire from three experts who push the envelope in materials, shape & color. 

Excerpt of Article from: Kitchen & Bath Business | April 1, 2002 | Jankowski, Wanda

"The custom cabinets, fabricated by Andrew Jacobson, Design in Wood, Petaluma, CA, are intended to look like circus blocks and function as pieces of furniture. Paint grade fronts are blended with cherry and maple. The cabinet finisher, Steve Bauer, Baumar, San Francisco, applied a multitude of complementary finishes not only on different faces, but in some instances, within the same door front." 

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Making a Business Out of the Superficial | Excerpt of Article from: Mission Local | February 8, 2011 | Bins, Caroline

"Stephen Bauer leans over a piece of wood, rhythmically stabbing at it with a screwdriver. He feels a little guilty about the care that the builder of this cabinet put into making it look perfect. But a job is a job, and this cabinet needs to look old. Attractively so.

“I refinish anything as long as it doesn’t breathe,” Bauer says. He trades the screwdriver for a flat piece of metal and begins chipping away at the edges of the cabinet door." 

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Cabinets finished by Baumar in November 2003 issue of Old House Interiors.